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Hey Product Hunt, So in Maker Hunt, we used to do "Maker AMAs" where would have a maker come on and share knowledge about their industry, company, etc with the community. People loved them. It was a bit of a predecessor to Product Hunt Live (which is my favorite PH product). I love anything that helps unlock knowledge so that it can be shared and everyone benefits. As Snapchat is currently surging with guys like @msuster and @justinkan jumping on, I thought there was an opportunity to accelerate knowledge sharing. So I've launched Startup TV. Every day a new maker, founder, designer, investor, influencer, or anyone interesting from the tech ecosystem will do a "takeover" on our account to share their story, what they're working on, valuable tips, deep dive into their local startup ecosystem, etc. Sometimes it will be an individual maker, and sometimes we'll have an entire startup team taking over the account. We'll also do exclusive product demos where you'll see products from awesome teams well before they're ready to launch to get the inside story on what problem they're addressing and how they plan to conquer the market. Sometimes we'll focus in on a city and cover startups/founders and sometimes will do interesting things like stack a series of takeovers with millennials(multiple takeovers on the same day) so they can give you the inside scoop on the products they're using day to day. I discussed something like this almost a year ago with @eriktorenberg when we launched Product Hunt Global. I wanted to do city coverage of the Product Hunt meetups and the local startup scene. We're starting off with @KikiSchirr @bentossell @benln @hackapreneur and few others that will be announced soon. I hope you tune in. Please follow StartupTV on Snapchat. I'm open to any suggestions. What type of content would you like to see? I'm talking to a designer about going through his typical day of sketching up a design. I'm talking to a founder about a behind the scenes look at their current funding-raising process. Another founder wants to do a prelaunch with us. So what or who do you want to see? If there is anyone you think I should reach out to specifically to do a takeover, you can tag them below and I'll reach out.
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@erictwillis Really looking forward to my takeover tomorrow! Will be talking about a day in the life of a Community Manager @ Product Hunt and also about my recent launch botlist, an app store for bots I need feedback on what you want to see in my snaps though?!
@erictwillis I definitely want to see @garyvee take this over. #fanboy Great initiative though Eric - I think it's really interesting to get like a real quick look into the life of what other startup people are doing around the place, beyond just sharing our links and products at each other. The fact that you've got a daily line-up is great! Out of curiosity, how are you handling the takeovers? Do you need to share username/password for this to occur?
@erictwillis this looks great! Just starting to get into Snapchat myself. Though a few months ago I admit I "gave up" on the network ๐Ÿ˜
@joshmuccio Snapchat is always. Would love to have you on so that you give people a view into how you put together "The Pitch".
@rossdcurrie @garyvee Would be awesome to have Gary on. Doing it like how ArsenicTV handles it.
I need to get my hair did and put some make up on tomorrow....
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@bentossell Can't wait! I really want to "see" some of the work that you do. I think people would just be interested in seeing some of the day to day stuff you do to keep things running smoothly.
@erictwillis Can't wait to show people me on my laptop for 15 hours and then bed ๐Ÿ˜› Just kidding, I'll show everyone my fridge too
@bentossell I want to see the beer collection. I still remember seeing @chrismessina on Periscope and everyone went nuts over his liquor collection.
@erictwillis @chrismessina haha I have half a bottle of wine and one can of beer. I may need to re-stock
Hey @ericwillis - Eric, totally random but I own if you want it? If it's easy to transfer ownership (from 123 reg) - happy to pass it on to you - currently expires 30th Dec 2016...
@daniellenewnham @ericwillis โ€” Good people are good people.
Interesting concept. Will check it out, always looking for cool people to follow on Snapchat
@guy Thanks, Guy!
@bramk Hey Bram. Do a takeover?!