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Justin Jackson@mijustin · ⚡️
Whoa this is rad! Where does the dataset come from @marckohlbrugge?
Csaba Kissi@csaba_kissi · Serial maker
@mijustin Should be data from Betalist itself.
Marc KöhlbruggeMaker@marckohlbrugge · Founder of BetaList
@csaba_kissi @mijustin Yep this is from all the startups featured on BetaList.
Marc KöhlbruggeMaker@marckohlbrugge · Founder of BetaList
I made this earlier today. It's still super barebones. Literally 15 minutes of work. Didn't expect it to be featured on Product Hunt yet haha. Anyway, expect more features, data, and a UI in the coming weeks :)
Shauli Daon@shauli_daon · Founder at
Juhan Kaarma@juhankaarma · Co-founder
This is cool! would be great if you included some descriptions and clarifications as to where the data comes from and what do values mean. I presume it's the startups launched at specific point of time in a specific space? Maybe a great way to make the interpretation and possible value derivation from these charts easier for viewers would be just to include one sample chart with an interpretation from your side?
Marc KöhlbruggeMaker@marckohlbrugge · Founder of BetaList
@juhankaarma Haha yeah definitely. Needs lots of work. Also see my other comment I just posted
Artem Yaremko@artem_yaremko · Co-Founder in BusinessDrive
Thx, that is usefull