Startup Trends by BetaList

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Whoa this is rad! Where does the dataset come from @marckohlbrugge?
@mijustin Should be data from Betalist itself.
@csaba_kissi @mijustin Yep this is from all the startups featured on BetaList.
I made this earlier today. It's still super barebones. Literally 15 minutes of work. Didn't expect it to be featured on Product Hunt yet haha. Anyway, expect more features, data, and a UI in the coming weeks :)
This is cool! would be great if you included some descriptions and clarifications as to where the data comes from and what do values mean. I presume it's the startups launched at specific point of time in a specific space? Maybe a great way to make the interpretation and possible value derivation from these charts easier for viewers would be just to include one sample chart with an interpretation from your side?
@juhankaarma Haha yeah definitely. Needs lots of work. Also see my other comment I just posted
Thx, that is usefull