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Preorder Mattermark's 100-pg 2014 report & pay what you want

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@daniellemorill's company, Mattermark, is putting out a 100-page guide to 2014 startups--with an interesting twist: pay what you'd like to get the report. For more information see her Medium article in Related Links
@KikiSchirr @daniellemorill Thanks Kiki, I'm stoked to get this report out the door as the year comes to an end. Thanks for hunting this!
@daniellemorill I can't wait for it to show up in my inbox! I'm really looking forward to what I know will be some surprising and insightful data.
Really looking forward to this report @daniellemorrill. I'm in the process of writing a book, and I'm already using Mattermark as a case study on the importance of data in startup storytelling. Could I snag a few minutes of your time for a chat?
@daniellemorrill Hi :0) Did you have a chance to read over my email? Thanks!
The "pay what you want" system is so interesting. I wish Gumroad's system would let me start reading for free and then prompt me to pay after a certain level of usage. I think that method would actually lead to higher total collections, since I actually know how much to reward the maker for their efforts. CC: @shl
@NeilThanedar good feedback, thanks!
Wow this is awesome