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#4 Product of the MonthDecember 2016

Project management Tool has developed a unique interactive "how to" guides for startups called "Startup Toolkit". The guides are FREE to use.

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Hi, everyone! Big thanks to @kwdinc for featuring us! In Casual, we create technologies that build bridges between learning and doing. Startup Toolkit is a bundle of amazing how-to guides for startups. Each guide is not just a piece of text. It comes as a three-in-one: a detailed article, a visual step-by-step workflow, and a ready-to-use project plan. Altogether, all three parts enable you to learn, visualize knowledge, and immediately implement it in practice. Willing to use one of the guides for real-life tasks? We’re welcoming you to save the visual workflow as a project plan into our project management tool Casual.PM. It will take you and your team all the way through the process from A to Z. Guides are available to read on desktop and mobile. For the best experience, we recommend viewing on desktop. Startup Toolkit and all content in it is completely free. However, if you would like to use our PM tool, be aware that only first 14 days of using it are free. We will keep extending the collection with new guides. If you have an idea of a how-to guide and want to publish it on Startup Toolkit, just let us know! We appreciate the feedback and any suggestions.
Florin Muresan
Florin MuresanPro@florin_muresan · Squirrly, Starbox and ContentLook
@vir @kwdinc awesome way to show off ... After seeing one of the startup projects I'm now really considering starting the trial, because it seems like an amazing way to manage projects :-D
@florin_muresan Thank you and welcome!
nathan beckord
nathan beckord@sailornathan · CEO, Foundersuite
@vir @kwdinc Good idea, glad to see the "science" of startups being broken into actionable steps. Startup founders need the structure. This was the original idea of Foundersuite (tools for each step) but building tools was too broad and hard so we focused in on the funding stack. Guides and content make a lot more sense to capture the starting-up sequence. I like the flowchart approach. Good luck guys!
Austin@omicaustin · Founder, Layman Lab
@vir Great resources, and a smart way to showcase your platform. Reading through them all now!
erwin blom
erwin blom@erwblo · @TIStv / @Fastmoving / @stek_io
@vir Everytime i try to login to Casual it keeps on trying to login but i get nowhere, too busy?
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @AngelList. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Startup Toolkit is a bundle of how-to guides for startups. Each guide comes as a 3-in-1: a detailed article, a visual step-by-step workflow, and a ready-to-use project plan template. Altogether these three parts enable you to learn, visualize knowledge, and implement it on practice. Startup Toolkit covers essential first steps for every startup: from getting first traffic, attracting press to A/B tests, SEO campaigns & more.
KerryBodle@liquidchickenqq · Founder: Failing Quickly and Often
@kwdinc just what I was looking for.
Mark Savchuk
Mark SavchukMaker@savchukmark
@liquidchickenqq @kwdinc awesome! Please leave us feedback on our website. We'd love to hear what you think about our toolkit and what other how-to guides you'd like to see :)
John Fowler
John Fowler@johnsteerfowler · Founder, Zero Host
Wow, some great articles/guides guys. My one question is: how do I subscribe to get notified of new posts? Or do I have to come back to the website from time to time to look? @vir @savchukmark & @nikolaev
@steerj92 Oops, a signup form will appear very soon. Until then, just fill a feedback form with your email.
John Fowler
John Fowler@johnsteerfowler · Founder, Zero Host
@vir Awesome, thank's for the quick reply. Really looking forward to following some of these guides
Jason DeMorrow
Jason DeMorrow@jdemorrow
Beautiful design, and the step-by-step approach really clicks for me. I spent more time reading them than I intended to.
Mark Savchuk
Mark SavchukMaker@savchukmark
@jdemorrow Awesome! :) Don't forget to leave your feedback, we would love to hear your thoughts on the Toolkit :)
 Slava
 Slava@slavabushtruk · CEO and Founder of Alterplay
That's great idea. I am seeing how it'll simplify first steps for fresh entrepreneurs. Good luck then!
Mark Savchuk
Mark SavchukMaker@savchukmark
@slavabushtruk That's why we've done it! First few steps are the hardest ones :)