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An free open sourced constantly updating list of tools for startups. Discover new services, add your favourite ones.
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Hello, I'm the founder of Unicorn Platform, the yesterday's top product on PH πŸ€“ Since I'm a SaaS founder myself, I use many different tools for serving apps, email marketing, customer support, app monitoring etc etc. There are so many collections of tools out there. Why should you pay attention to this one? πŸ€” Because it is open sourced! All existing tool lists are proprietary websites. And such websites 100% rely on the owner: if the owner loses interest in a website, the content will become outdated. This thing happened to all of the 15+ startup tool collections I've discovered while building Startup Toolbox. Since this collection is populated by the community and depends on the power of many people, the risk of having an outdated item is much lower and the overall quality of the tools is higher. "It may seem like there are so many types of these sites out there (maybe too many?). BUT people need to remember that it is down to the curation. That is where the value lies." - @bentossell Use Startup Toolbox to: - Get inspiration and decide what new project to create - Collect your competitors list - Discover new services which can be helpful with your current project - Find a not hunted tool and hunt it here on PH There are no shady tools such as nasty all-screen popovers or auto-following services. So if you contribute one of such it will be rejected. Anyway, your contributions are much welcome. If you have stumbled upon great service, create a pull request and I will add it to the list. However, there will be a review from me to ensure the quality of the list πŸ‘ Credits: Octocat by cameronmcefee.
Awesome! Would appreciate if you add UI kit's or maybe Sketch & Figma sub sections. πŸ€” regardless of this - a great project!
@bunin that would be a super huge section though. For that reason, there is no plugins for Atom section. Because the list be too flooded with niched tools πŸ€“ I'm also super afraid that UI kits are fast project which got outdated very quickly. If you can take a responsibility for keeping the section updated, you can create it. What do you think?