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We created the startup support system with Erik, Dan, and several others because startups are incredibly challenging. People involved in startups often feel alone, stressed, anxious and depressed. The larger culture can message that startups are easy. Founders can feel pressure to always signal that they are “crushing it.” Unfortunately, these factors make it harder for people to be honest about the challenges integral to startups. They also make it much harder for people to get the support they need. Successful startups have great people, a great product and a lot of luck. We know these things. What is less well known, is that successful startups often also get a lot of support. They are honest about their struggles and they learn to lean on others to help them succeed. The 7 Cups Startup Support System is designed to help companies grow by creating a safe place where people can be honest about their struggles and the support they need to overcome these challenges. People can seek anonymous support in one on one conversations with trained active listeners and other startup people that understand the pressures. They can also take a course designed by Jerry Colonna, a leading startup CEO coach, to help them map their personal journey and develop skills to help them succeed. Finally, they can give and get support in startup forums. The bigger vision is to help move the tech industry to a place where we better care for one another so that more of us can succeed and impact the world in positive ways. We believe we will have met this vision when we are providing 10,000 startup support conversations each and every week.
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@glenmoriarty1 Thanks for everything your team is doing Glen. SO needed. I talk to other founders about this all the time and unfortunately, the options for finding help are far and few between.
Anxiety. Depression. Burnout. We don’t really talk about it. Many people go through it, but most people suffer alone. We want to kickstart a conversation in tech around stress and mental health, and to create a space where it’s okay for people to feel depressed and to talk about it. These feelings aren’t just okay, they’re human. Wrote about it more in this medium post: Brad Feld, Jerry Colona, and others have endorsed system and will be writing content around the topic. Here is the facebook invite for the launch party next Monday - come join us! What do you think? would love feedback & involvement
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@eriktorenber I am so excited about this. In fact, just last week I was talking to some founder friends about the stigma around depression and mental health in general, but it's so common in our circles (esp. burnout). I know Brad Feld talked about it, and so I've been inspired to spear a mini-campaign of my own. Seeing that you guys are not just talking about it but also doing something makes me love Product Hunt even more. Thank you so much. Best. Community. EVER. P.S. Goes without saying, if you need help, just ping me. :)
@eriktorenber @v4violetta thanks violeta!! super open minded, but a big way for a lot of people to help is signing up as a listener on
@eriktorenber This is awesome. Also, check out this TEDx Talk on Entrepreneurial Depression & Happiness from 2012.
Steli shared his own period of being burned out and depressed, but wearing that mask of success (even when the lights are out because he couldn't pay the bills). More importantly, he shared some simple rituals that helped him to manage his emotions better.
This addresses one of the most important challenges that too few people talk about in startup land. Thank you for putting this together.
Love this, definitely think we should be spending more time taking care of one another. I know that @joelgascoigne often blocked out a few hours in the week to chat to other founders to help them and has recently started to pick this back up. :)
@Glenmoriarty1 jump in the conversation and tell us more about 7 cups of tea, how this all came about, and your goals for it.