Startup Studio Playbook

Lead a Studio - Set Startup Trends

'Get there first' is what the greatest conquerors aim for in any game or market.

What you want in business is to create the product your golden customers desire and dare to sell it. Not tomorrow, but today. Now!

Get the book and open your eyes to explore this trend. Gain big momentum in creating your startups and conquer your markets with speed.



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Attila SzigetiMaker@aszig · Independent Startup Studio Expert
Meowww Product Hunters! I'm so excited to share with you my new book, the Startup Studio Playbook. It's all about startup studios, a.k.a. venture builders, startup factories, foundries... And how you can build one! Long story short: Almost two years ago we decided to transform our development agency (Drukka) into a startup studio, an organization that build innovative new companies with internal resources in a sustainable and repeatable way. But we didn't know how. So I started to research the topic, and interviewed some of the most exciting examples - Science, Betaworks, eFounders and many more. And I put all this knowledge into this book, to make the startup studio model more transparent, and to enable entrepreneurs to build and grow new studios. What you will find in the book: - A foreword by Mike Jones, CEO of Science-Inc; - A summary about the model, pros, cons and challenges; - The story of how Betaworks and Daniel Ilkovich built Dexter - a company that wants to empower regular people to rule the web; - A look into the Game Plan of eFounders, the startup studio that builds SaaS companies, told by Thibaud Elziere and Pauline Tordeur; - Budapest-based Lab.Coop built a 100% co-owned venture builder and they tell you how; - Ryan J. Negri, serial entrepreneur and Managing Director of Iron Yard Ventures shares his story about Laicos - a Tampa-based startup studio; - Helsinki-based startup studio Midealab tells you about how they are building startups from megatrends; - Jons Janssens and Barbara Putman Cramer show you how they engineered the right company culture at Backspace, and Amsterdam based studio; ... and more case studies, examples, best practices. Please share your thoughts and questions. Thank you, Attila
Tomi Mester@tomi_mester · Data Analyst
I was lucky enough to have already read the book. It showed me a whole new concept of creatig startups. It also convienced me: if I would start a startup today, I'd do it only with the studio model. (I mean join to a studio.) thanks Attila. Nice book!
Attila SzigetiMaker@aszig · Independent Startup Studio Expert
@tomi_mester Tomi, thank you for reading early version of this book! Your comments helped me to make it better.
Steven Ritchie@staticsteven · Product Strategy @ Versett
Just bought, but can we get this in ePub please ? Much easier to read on mobile!
Attila SzigetiMaker@aszig · Independent Startup Studio Expert
Hi @staticsteven ! I'm working on the epub. Once I get it done, I'll send an update to all buyers, including you. (It's almost ready, but I messed up something with conversion, so now it occasionally causes my iBooks to crash. I want to fix that before releasing.) Thank you for your patience!
Steven Ritchie@staticsteven · Product Strategy @ Versett
@aszig Sounds good, thanks!
Attila SzigetiMaker@aszig · Independent Startup Studio Expert
Hi @staticsteven Thank you so much for your patience. I just sent you the epub version via email. (For all other buyers I'll send out an update through Gumroad on Monday.)
Balogh Akos@akosb_jr
Great book! 😊
Attila SzigetiMaker@aszig · Independent Startup Studio Expert
@akosb Thank you, Ákos! :)
Nico BistolfiPro@nicolasbistolfi · Founder at @piiojs
This is a great guide and has very useful insights about Startups Studio, great read!
Attila SzigetiMaker@aszig · Independent Startup Studio Expert
Thank you @nicolasbistolfi. I find it inspiring that you are also building a startup studio, in Uruguay. This truly shows that the model has potential everywhere. Keep on pioneering! :)