Startup Season 3 - 6: Kitchen Confidential

Jason and Vincent launched Bento about a year ago

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Two men decide to start a company. Everything is going well...until it’s not. That’s the moment they decide to start recording their conversations—painful, awkward, emotional conversations. Jason and Vincent launched Bento about a year ago. Their goal was to make Pan-Asian food fresh, tasty, and on-demand. They joined the food tech swell just as it was winding down, just as the funding was drying up, just as the smaller players were being weeded out. With only a year under their belt and a quickly draining bank account, Bento’s odds don’t look good. We listen in on the co-founders as they try to decide whether their setbacks are just bumps on the road to success or a sign to shut things down.
@bentossell Thanks for sharing with PH Ben! I'm happy to answer questions.
@jasondemant @bentossell Great stuff Jason, really brave of you guys to record all of this, it's really hard running a real business, I feel like you're business is much different than most startups. Wish you the best.
@koridhandy Thanks for the kind words Kori!
Looking forward to listening to this. I've used Bento a few times and know @jasondemant (met him when he worked with @jason at This Week in Startups).
@rrhoover I'm a big of fan of their podcast, so it was a lot of fun to work with their team on this. Pretty amazing process -- I don't even want to know how many hours of tape they have. Crazy amount of work to get this down to ~35 minutes.
Just finished listening. Props to Jason and Vincent for being so transparent. Very few founders are brave enough to share these struggles, especially as they're happening.
This is such a fantastic episode, probably better than the one about It's raw and real about an early startup as opposed to a retrospective. Also as a founder myself, I feel for them and their situations. Companies aren't easy, and hearing them make their tough decisions is a great view into it.
@dohertyjf Thanks for the comment John! I tried hard to record the most important conversations and moments, so the result would be as real as possible. I'm really happy to hear that resonated with you.
@jasondemant You really succeeded. I was grousing the other day on the Twitters about wanting to hear more stories like this, not just retrospectives of ones that survived. This nailed it.
@dohertyjf @jasondemant Thanks John, and everyone, for the kind words. There were definitely some very challenging times being recorded. I'm glad you enjoyed the end result. Molly and team did a wonderful job with I-don't-want-to-know-how-many hours of tape.
Thanks @jasondemant and @vcardillo for sharing a brutally honest story with us. Actually, I am a big fan of Bento. I love their food and its quick delivery service. I wish the best of luck to them on their startup journey!
Jason is one of the most helpful and transparent founders I've met so far. This episode is a public service to founders who only get exposure to hyped up success and feel isolated during tough times. I'm reminded of a quite I heard recently 'don't compare your story against somebody else's highlight reel.' Thanks for posting!