Startup School Winter 2020

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Watch lectures by YC’s world-class experts and get direct feedback in community posts and AMAs. Join a network of over 40k founders across 190 countries. Cut startup costs and get discounts from the best in the business like AWS, GCP, Stripe and more.
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Really excited that we're running this again in January! One thing we learned last year was that a once-a-year course doesn't really work for founders. By running more frequently we'll make Startup School available on *your* schedule, not ours. Another major change is that we're dropping down to 2 required group sessions from 7. Some founders got a lot of value out of group sessions but others didn't, so we're giving founders the option to choose how many they want to participate in. Happy to answer questions about Startup School (or anything else)!
@corbtt First of all, startup school is awesome! Have you seen people keep using the Startup School directory even after the 8 weeks passed? Do you have plans for an all-year founder forum?
@corbtt @gamarantor Agree. Want to keep the forum
@corbtt This is awesome. I've watched/read a lot of content coming out from these courses, they have been very helpful already. I might enrol for this next one! Thanks a lot making all this great knowledge available to everyone.
@gamarantor directory usage wasn't high after the course ended. We *are* planning on investing a great deal more in the forum this year and making it a high-quality resource during the course and year round!
@corbtt I was at the 1st Startup School Program , It was amazing.. It literally changed our focus and we saw great growth in our startup. Happy to join 2020
What will change with respect to the previous versions of startup school? Is it worth it for people that already took it?
@danirogerc More info (including a direct answer to that question) here: tl;dr is that the content/format won't change much. Up to you whether you think enrolling again will help yo or not. My hope is that the accountability alone will make it worth it but we'll see what you and other users think!
@danirogerc @corbtt I think it helps you drop ancillary work (e.g. redesigning your landing page for the third time) and focusing on what's really important (talking to customers and building product)
Startup School is really a great program, I learned a lot and enjoyed the time spent watching each Lecture. I will attend again just to meet new people during the weekly Group Sessions. Finally, some of the deals for YC SUS are just too great to be missed.
Startup School is really a great program & great push for myself to work towards the goals, I learned a lot and enjoyed the time spent watching each Lecture. I will attend again just to meet new people and explore synergies
In previous semester, I tried to participate but generally every lessons I had some group meeting connection problems, did you solve this for this term?