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Stories on starting, funding & scaling w/ YC's Aaron Harris

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Hi PH! Love the love for the podcast. It's been a ton of fun to host, so thanks for listening. Happy to answer any questions you might least until I go on the air this morning :).
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@harris Are most of your guests in-house or do you do the interviews over skype?
@shaanvp @harris We do them all in person. We've also got a great producing team from SiriusXM, which is why the audio sounds as great as it does.
@harris Congrats, this looks amazing.
@harris can confirm. I feel like I sounded better on playback than in real life.
Love podcasts like these. I had the pleasure of joining @harris on his podcast a few months ago (proof!). The episode will be published online soon, I believe.
@rrhoover You were a great guest. It almost felt like you'd been on podcasts before...
@rrhoover I actually tweeted @harris back in May (I think) to ask him to interview you because I wanted to hear your/PH's story but from the response, it sounded like he already interviewed you or was already planning to at the time! Can't wait to hear it
@rrhoover I will defiantly be listening to this podcast during my commutes. 😁
I've been following the podcast from the beginning and I think it's great. The founders and partners from YC give great advice on different topics depending on the nature of their business or role. @harris does a great job as a host and ask insightful questions at the same time that keeps the show running making the almost 60 minutes long of the podcast short. I decided to quit my job and finally work full-time on a project I was developing on the side thanks to the Startup School held in London last year. By hearing all those amazing stories (, meeting some of the founders and partners in person, seeing the vibe of the community and @paultoo's essay (, who will be on the next episode, inspired me to make one of the most important decision of my life. I don't regret it. Thanks for the podcast, keep them coming! πŸ‘
@jordigg That's an awesome story to hear Jordi! Hope things are going well at Sportycrowd.
I have a 2 hour commute a couple times a week and love using that drive to learn from founders and investors through podcasts like these.
I can't wait to listen to this for the first time! :)