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Y Combinator's moving further up the funnel to educate and identify great founders and companies in a semi-scalable way. Super smart. @sama - In the blog post, it says "At the end of the class, participants will have a chance to share what they’ve built with a wide audience." Is this like a mini-demo day? How will this work?
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@rrhoover still trying to figure out the exact format, but yes the thought is some sort of mini demo day!
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@sama this is pretty great but when I try to signup with my email, it keeps submitting. I get this 522 from the server:
Never mind, the form isn't playing nice with AdBlock it appears
@sama @rrhoover Considering this is a MOOC course, people could submit their team's videos online as a start, students could vote for what they really liked. Maybe offer a cool opportunity to a select few? :D
@rrhoover @sama Right on, signed up! Now it'd better help me out caus you completely stole the show today on PH :) What are the odds I'd launch here the same day as you, man?
Difference between YC and other ax is others pick founders with just great backgrounds whereas YC picks founders with great character and help them build a great background. See you soon in S'17.
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@tweetyunus Love that summary!
I do like that YC creates lots of interesting content surrounding their platform. This is no exception. I'm sure lots of people will have signed up to this. Really intrigued to see what is shared at the end too... Waiting to see the story of "I signed up to Startup School, 6 months later I was accepted into Y Combinator"
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This is awesome. @sama, for someone who watched your Stanford lectures, what will be the major difference in the new format?
@kunalslab had the same question. Here's the answer: - For a limited group in a special Startup Founder track, we’ll have weekly online advice sessions where you can get feedback on your startup. The advisors are mostly YC alumni, like Daniel Kan (Cruise), Sanjay Dastoor (Boosted Boards), and Cindy Wu (Experiment). We’ll run these like we run group office hours at YC, and may be limited depending on demand and our resources. - We’ll have an online community via Slack and email where you can connect with other entrepreneurs in the class. - At the end of the class, participants will have a chance to share what they’ve built with a wide audience.
@perpetuous saw that. Thanks! Was also wondering how much of the lecture content will be different.
Following up on my own question now that we've graduated from Startup School for @SlidesUp with @viveknb and for anyone interested in applying to a future batch: - Getting group and individual office hours with a mentor (ours was @compumike) was invaluable. The mentors have clearly "been there, done that" as YC alums and talking to other startups struggling with the same challenges we faced gave an interesting perspective. - We pushed ourselves outside our comfort zone and launched our product way faster than we expected to. We reported our metrics every week and had a goal set for the end of 10 weeks. We changed our value proposition, modified our whole product roadmap, used the Stripe Atlas deal that was offered to us to incorporate, and got our first paying customers–in 10 weeks! This was the same story across the board for all our peers. - Meeting other Founder's Track folks in Boston and NYC for coffee and a dinner get-together gave a face to a name and chat group. We all helped each other make progress. Despite living so close to these entrepreneurs, I had never met any of them before. Startup School definitely connected us with like-minded people in our communities. TLDR–just apply for Startup School! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Thanks @svkpham and @sama!
For someone outside of the valley, who really itches to surround him/herself with likeminded founders, this should be epic. I know I appreciate the effort and can't wait to give it a spin! Stay motivated & best wishes!
Thanks @xmcgraw. We find that to be a very common itch :) Hopefully this makes it a little easier for founders to connect and interact.