Startup Sales Course

Free course on the psychology hacks used by top sellers

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Nice work Juliana, added to my Sales Tools collection:
Thank you for posting this Sid! There's a ton of content out there about how to get meetings, and lists and generalizations about sales, but a lot of what I've seen isn't really actionable. I designed this quick course with the founder in mind. Each of the email lessons I've used these to find and train my own team - many of who are now top sellers. They're a set of practical takeaways that even some of the more experienced folks miss. This is a 100% free course that I decided to put up to ProductHunt first. Hope you love it. Any question you want to run by me now about sales? Happy to answer here or back and forth over email.
Thanks Ryan! Awesome collection you've compiled there. Looking forward to our AMA on in the coming weeks!
I just signed up, looking forward to learning from the content.
@robertwilliger Awesome! Thanks Robert. Let me know if you have any questions along the way.
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@Steli @philfreo thanks guys - I've taken it . . .good stuff. This course is focused on a framework my team and I have used to close more deals faster. :)