Startup Return Calculator

How much money can your startup investment make you?

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I don't like filling in a bunch of blind forms without knowing that you'll be asking for my email at the end. Does a real calculator ask for your email before the result? Not cool.
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@tombielecki I just entered as the email address at the end, and then it shows you the results. You're right that it is a shitty practice
Hello hunters! Such an honor to be with you all. We are very excited to launch today on 1000 Angels, a private venture investing community that provides access to highly curated early-stage investment opportunities, the Startup Return Calculator. Here is how it works: 1) For investors- all they need to do is answer a few simple questions, and in seconds you will know if that investment opportunity that you are looking at is a winner or just totally over-priced. 2) For entrepreneurs- you can leverage the calculator in your fundraising conversations to help investors understand what potential IRR (internal rate of return) and Cash on Cash return they could make by investing in your startup. In essence, this is a tool we use to analyze potential returns for investment opportunities we evaluate for 1000 Angels members. It helps us compare different startup investment opportunities by both calculating potential IRR and cash on cash return. We have found it very useful and thought other investors and startups might find it useful as well in analyzing the risk and return potential of prospective investments. Feel free to ask me anything!
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How did you put together this calculator? How accurate is the formula?
@rui Hi, the calculator is based on a proprietary calculation method we have been using for our investment analysis to estimate cash on cash return and IRR based on a series of simple inputs that account for estimated exit values and dilution from future capital requirements and employee option pools. The calculations are 100% accurate, but the validity of the results is based on the accuracy and reasonableness of your inputs. We love using it, so we thought other people would too. Have fun with it!
This is excellent for entrepreneurs who want to show investors what their potential returns could be. I really like this.
@saridder thanks! So glad to hear you find it useful.