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#2 Product of the DayJune 25, 2016
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Raj KothariMaker@irajkothari · Co-Founder of
As a hard working entrepreneur you need some inspiring quotes that will make you work better and focus on your success. Today we have gathered some amazing quotes from the best entrepreneurs in the industry! We hope you enjoy this collection, and work harder. I’m not going to lie, after i read these it made me very confident!
Naseem Raad@naseem_raad
@irajkothari Are you guys going to make an iOS App?
Raj KothariMaker@irajkothari · Co-Founder of
@naseem_raad yes we are on it. Thanks for the feedback. :)
ronsheridan@ronsheridan · Startup Wannabe
Millions you say :)
Raj KothariMaker@irajkothari · Co-Founder of
@ronsheridan yes thats the vision. :)
Saab@michaelcunner · Maker
Would love to also see a chrome ext of this
Steve Phuc@stevepuu · Code the Change
Harry Nguyen@nguyen_hoang_hai
I only have iphone so I wasn't able to test it. But I hope you have the notification feature when a new quote is popped everyday to inspire us
Raj KothariMaker@irajkothari · Co-Founder of
@nguyen_hoang_hai Yes we do have the notification of a new quote on android. We are working on IOS part. :)
Jasonhwang@jason_likealike · CEO, likealike
not for ios?😭
Steve Phuc@stevepuu · Code the Change