StartUp Podcast

Alex Blumberg's podcast about starting a podcast startup

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I am so deep into this. I've been a long-time podcast fan and this is by far my favorite new show. The word "podcast" doesn't seem appropriate. @alexlumberg has a very unique way of telling a story, combining real-world conversations with vulnerable narrative.
@rrhoover "The word "podcast" doesn't seem appropriate" - that's a good point. With TV, we have sitcoms, soap operas, dramas, talk shows, etc...wonder what popular podcast formats will shake out. Episodic: Startup, Serial Interviews: Maron, Foundation, BS report Roundtable: Product Hunt
@kaz @rrhoover Been thinking a lot about this. The medium's been so pigeonholed, and finally we're seeing formats emerge.
Fully agree @dshan, @rrhoover and @kaz. It's so nascent the genres are still emerging. What's really interesting to me, per @kaz 's point, is that the emerging genres feel different or at least more specific than other forms of media, e.g. TV. And on that point, we still haven't seen a purely fictional series really catch fire. Contrast that with the early days of radio drama and sensations like Orson Welles' War of the Worlds.
Blumberg is a podcast pro - he produced This American Life and created Planet Money - and StartUp, only 6 episodes in, is my favorite podcast period. It's about his journey starting a startup -- finding a business partner, naming the company, raising money -- brilliantly told. Episodes include star performances from @mazzeo, @sacca and @andrewmason
Working with these guys has been so much fun. I can't wait until the first board meeting.
This show raises the bar. Impressed by the narrative and editing of this show. In other news, for some odd reason, Dorm Room Tycoon did not make the cut. @rrhoover? But do check it out. I think you will like it
So good. Congrats on the recent funding @abexlumberg!