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Ryan Gum — CEO, Attach
Hey all, these decks helped us a ton when putting together our own so hope you find it useful.

My favorite deck has to be the Youtube one - not because of the content of the deck but because of the story surrounding it:

Firstly, in the press release I linked up on the page Chad Hurley (Youtube CEO at the time) uses Blockbuster as a positive analogy, "the equivalent of moving one Blockbuster store a day over the Internet". Different times. 😂

Secondly, the deck came out as part of a court case where Viacom & Paramount were suing Youtube for sharing copyrighted content. In the court documents, Sequoia (their investor) partner Roelof Botha is defending Youtube's vision of "user generated content". The documents are truly fascinating and worth a read as Roelof goes through their investment process from start to finish.
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
@ryangum I love seeing pitch decks like these, would love to see smaller companies ones too.

I'd love there to be a post-mortem site to show what certain companies didnt get quite right and why they failed.
Rui Delgado — Tech Entrepreneur • Consultant • TV Nerd
@ryangum You just did something amazing for the startup community. Great work!
@ryangum That's awesome, thanks for sharing!!
Ryan Gum — CEO, Attach
@bentossell that's an interesting idea. It takes guts and humility to share failure, but the learnings can be equally as valuable - so I'd love to put something together on it in the future Ben.
Michael Sitver — Curator @ Morning Short, Commute Kit
@ryangum I love the idea. Would be awesome if you has a "Pitchdeck of the week" email. Would love to feature something like that on
Roman Milovanov — Marketing Director, Buy me a pie!
@ryangum Awesome collection! Thank you!
GAURAV GULATI — Founder IRememba, Imagineer, DBA
@ryangum Thank you for doing this. I'm just about to begin working on the Pitch Deck for my startup. So, this showed up just in time. Awesome!
GAURAV GULATI — Founder IRememba, Imagineer, DBA
@bentossell @ryangum Very good point, indeed! Knowing what NOT to do is often more important than knowing what to do.
GAURAV GULATI — Founder IRememba, Imagineer, DBA
@ryangum Do you happen to know of a resource which has a list of Investors searchable by industry or startups? And also, some sample e-mails on how to reach out to target investors for that intro or meeting?
Sureshkumar G — Co,Founder - CEO at MacAppStudio
@ryangum Tons of Thanks for your Ryan. Hats off, its a onestop where you connect with other startups and see the big names all started as small as we are now. Its so inspiring and great efforts from you in making these all great pitches in one place.
@rui @ryangum Oh yeah! Love this!
@techtosterone @ryangum on second thought, PM me to prevent the whole community from spamming and causing mass chaos lol
Daveyon Mayne — Developer,
@ryangum Decks from how they've started, down falls to successes?
Eli Luzac — TagDox CEO
@ryangum hey Ryan - would you guys think of collaborations with other startups - be interested to chat with you/your colleagues?
Ross Blankenship —, CEO and Partner
My favorite on this list:

(1) Buffer
(2) Front App
(3) Crew
(4) BuzzFeed
(5) MixPanel

As we see more and more pitches every day at Angel Kings, I'm most impressed with the startup pitch decks that identify problems, while keeping it simple. Buffer is a classic example of simple, clean product and identifiable problem. While Front App's aesthetics are hard to beat. Love this!

Ross D. Blankenship
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