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Now on Android. Bite-sized startup lessons 3 times a week.

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Get a competitive edge, learn fast and effortlessly by swiping through curated lessons, one swipe at a time, from the world’s best startup references and authors.


  • Steny Sylvain SOLITUDEFounder and CEO @beaconeggsapp

    Intuitive, clean and simple design. Good curated content.


    Waiting for new content :p

    I've used the App for a few weeks and it's perfect for everyday lessons. Small bits of inspiration and advice while drinking your morning coffee is all you need to keep going forward.

    Also having authors and sources is nice if you want to know more about something.

    Steny Sylvain SOLITUDE has used this product for one week.
  • Lydia SugarmanCEO/Founder

    Really, easy, elegant interface.


    I don't have any.

    Startup Patterns gives me great curated startup lessons and inspiration delivered right to my phone, without buying the books.

    Lydia Sugarman has used this product for one year.


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Hicham AmineMaker@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
To our Friends on Product Hunt 👋 A year ago, we launched Startup Patterns (on iOS) to provide busy founders with bite-sized startup lessons, delivered twice a week, from the world’s best startup references & authors, to help y’all stay on top of startup knowledge, one swipe at a time. Since then, the feedback and support we’ve received from the PH community has been beyond anything we could have imagined, and we’re very grateful 🙏 So today, one year and 1000+ upvotes later, we’re very happy to be back with 🎊 Startup Patterns for Android 🎊 (which has been, by far, the most frequent request we’ve received since our launch). Startup Patterns is our way of showing gratitude and giving thanks to the amazing startup community worldwide that we get to work with everyday. It’s a tiny thank you for all that we get to learn working with founders, listening to their ideas, and getting infected by their enthusiasm and determination every time. So check it out, share your thoughts with us, and let us know what topics you’d like to see in the upcoming lessons 📚 We’ll be around all day! P.S: You can submit your own lessons’ suggestions on our website or directly on the app.
Martijn VerbovePro@martijn_verbove · Founder @ Convergate 🚀
I've been using Startup Patterns on iOS and its been very useful at times. Since content is curated properly it gives you interesting angels to approach things which common when starting a new product/company. Glad to see you moving to Android and wish you and the team well.
Hicham AmineMaker@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
@martijn_verbove Appreciate the heads up. Since the iOS launch, we were receiving great number of requests from the community to expand to Android. Happy to finally make it happen! 😃
Zouhair Majzoub@zouhair_majzoub
Finally it's available on Android. 🙏 Thanks guys for making this free app, it's a good sidekick for founders.
Hicham AmineMaker@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
@zouhair_majzoub Thanks for the note. Definitely agree! For a startup founder, it’s very essential to keep continuously reading and learning from all resources — be it books, blogs or even podcasts. However, in a chaotic startup world where the primary concern is to move fast and make daily progress in your venture, sacrificing work time in order to do intensive reading can be a big hurdle. So the hope of this app is to get those founders to the right habits once again 🙌
Ayush MittalPro@aymittal · bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌
Nice one @hicham_amine Had a long chat with Soukaina a while ago about how Startup Patterns can help Founders keep up with entrepreneurship. Excited to get my weekly lessons. Thanks for putting it together.
Hicham AmineMaker@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
@aymittal Hey Ayouch. Glad to get your feedback! 🙌 🙌 Our core purpose is to help founders read and get fresh perspective about founder's life in the form of bite-sized lessons. We've seen through our experience working with early-stage founders for the past 3 years, how the right information can be a catalyst to a founder's success. I hope the little nuggets you'll receive 3 times a week will be worth your time. Any specific book, podcast or reference you'd like us to provide lessons from @aymittal ?
Ayush MittalPro@aymittal · bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌
Lovely! Look forward to the nuggets and making use of them via my weekly EntrepreneuReal Letter. Personally, I like Ryan Holiday, Secrets of the Moneylab, Mark Manson, Tomasz Tunguz, and resources for non-tech entrepreneurs.
Hicham AmineMaker@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
@aymittal Thanks Ayush for these incredible resources. Will make sure to add them to our queue :)
Sam Rizzi@rizzisam · PM/Co-Founder @Crid_io
Congrats! So awesome to see the Android version of pattern finally!
Hicham AmineMaker@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
@rizzisam Haha yeah! took a long time buddy, but better late than never :D