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Hey everyone! Doodler here. I do these sketch notes every year from Startup School; it's a really good way for me to reenforce the great advice – and I wanted to share it with everyone for the same reason! Let me know if you have questions about the context of any of the quotes.
@gkoberger Love this! The execution of the concept is top notch. How do make the sketches?
@_anupg Combination of (physical) pen and paper that's been scanned, Pen and Paper (both by @fiftythree) and Photoshop.
Made by @gkoberger, founder of readme. I remember seeing his 2013 startup notes, months before we met up in person. Very well executed.
@rrhoover we actually met (indirectly) due to startup notes! I met @abramdawson because he saw them and emailed me, and he intro'd us.
@gkoberger wow, I didn't know that. :) And that's why I love the internet. Side note: blogging, side projects, and just putting yourself out there is one way of manufacturing serendipity. 140 characters can change your life. :)
@rrhoover Awesome article! I've been meaning to write something similar. Basically, everything good that's ever happened to me is indirectly the result of doing *something* – an email, tweet, fun website, etc. Seems obvious, but it's so easy to forget. "Manufacturing serendipity" is a great phrase.
I love this. @gkoberger brings value to the reader while modestly promoting The value for the reader is so much greater than the modest promotion that I wish to see more of this kind. (I'm also an early adopter of
@orarbel I hate "marketing", so I use the fact that I have to spend time on it as an excuse to do fun stuff like this. (And glad to have you guys using ReadMe!)
Really beautifully done
Awesome stuff! So good to read the informal notes; the way so many entrepreneurs actually think, and plan directions!