Startup Network

Predicting successful startups using AngelList data

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"Startup Network has deeply analyzed historical data on AngelList, one of the world’s most trusted site in the startup community. Our research team has singled out a direct connection between the startup network efficiency (a measure of the quality of the founders social network) and the probability for the company to get funded." – via
@tstonez is this project still going? the website doesn't show any data
@mossibat @tstonez yes the project is up and running. We scaled the analysis to the global startup ecosystem using crunchbase data. Check:
Could be interesting if this was mashed up with CB Insights
@adriangrant your wishes are now realized: check our latest version of the startup ranking on
How do you check your own startup?
Will we be able to sort by market category, ie: healthcare?
@ryanckulp we provide personalized analysis and dashboards as payed service. Contact me if you are interested
Interesting stuff, if it works out well :)