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The Idea is to get you the top rated Movies, Series and Documentary on Startups and Entrepreneurs. Tagging Movies in Process and You can get Friday Recommendation Email for a chosen movie for you to watch during the weekend. Suggestions are more than welcomed :)
@MohammedAlaa I've been waiting for something like this.
@Shpigford I added it, And I'm think of seeing it this weekend saw some parts of the squarespace experience and I think this is what I would like to watch. Thanks Josh :)
@sethmills21 I'm glad you like it V2 will be a really neat App.
i like the premise - totally needs more content, perhaps w/ trailer or screengrab. this could be really useful. keep it up!
@mrlozmoore Thanks for the recommendation, Actually this is what I'm working on now is to make enough room to read the introduction and play the trailer.
#StartupMovies Now feature Podcasts and we will be adding the top List of Podcasts for Startups & Entrepreneurs.
Must have been curated by a youngster... This is one that us old fogies that lived through the dot com bubble will remember: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0256...
@MikeKhristo Nice one Milke. It's live :)