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Article writing & blog schedule management as-a-service

Blog management and content writing service for time-crunched startup founders and small marketing teams. For a flat monthly fee, you’ll get a tailored blog schedule and fresh SEO-focused articles for publishing.
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While I like these services, I am always a bit weary about them because of the quality. I would recommend adding some examples to real content you guys have done on the main page. You are asking people to sign up and pay without actually showing your work. I see some links to examples in the FAQs but it would be better to have that on the main page in my opinion. Excited to try it out.
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@parag_r Yeah, a lot of the cheaper writing services are very hit and miss. Would be nice to see some examples of their work.
@parag_r Thanks for the feedback! For now, the examples we are allowed to showcase are the ones that are linked on the FAQ page. and But we will definitely make it a priority to showcase more examples in the future and to put them on the front page. For now, I would recommend to check out the samples we do have linked and to take advantage of the 14-day money back guarantee and still give it a go :)
Hey Hunters!  We’re excited to launch this new product with the ContentFly ( team. While ContentFly is a platform for ordering content from different freelancers through a blind marketplace, Startup Marketing US is offering a fully automated service from topics generation to creating content outlines and getting everything written up and edited (if needed).  This service organically grew on top of ContentFly thanks to the feedback we got from fellow startup founders - they just don’t have the time to keep up with their blog’s publishing schedule, even when using a service like ContentFly to outsource the majority of the content.  We decided to focus on what we know best, which is SEO-focused content marketing and building very lean processes to offer a high-quality service with very affordable pricing. So this service will fill your blog with the right keywords, the right research, and topics in order for your blog to start ranking for some sweet long-tail keywords. And the main benefit for the customer - you won’t have to lift a finger (ok, only for clicking “Publish”).  While our processes are automated in a very large part, we still use human intelligence for the stuff that really matters. So we have a dedicated marketer who makes sure that we’re focusing on the right value props, keywords, topics, briefs, etc for each client. And for content writing, we’re using ContentFly’s freelance writers.  Let us know what you think and make sure to recommend us to that super-busy founder who knows they should be blogging way more, but can’t find the time for it :)
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For a flat monthly fee, this service provides startups with consistent content that is researched and includes a customized content strategy. Here are two examples of blogs their team has written for one of their clients:
  • 3 new ways to screen candidates in 2019
  • Best recruiting tools for 2019
  • Any more examples of the final content produced? Would be easier to compare with other services if there was a test or single-piece price.
    Or a Product Hunt deal...
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    @dshan Hey Derek! We don't have the permission to showcase other clients' work, but we do offer a 14-day money back guarantee, so you can try it out and see how happy you are with the delivered content.
    Like another comment said, having an example of the content you create would make me much more likely to use your service. definitely interested in the service though.
    @brandon_clark1 Thanks for the feedback! Here are some content samples. and And we also offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.