Startup Marketing Playbook

The how-to guide for new B2B marketing leaders

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My friend Greg has been writing about marketing as long as i've known him... previously he's done awesome things like Startups ❤️ Customers and this is his latest series.... With a wide range of topics for B2B folks.
@jsneedles Thanks Jeff!
Any VP of Growth should bookmark this playbook -- format reminds me of Startup Stash -- easy to digest and specific.
@dkwendt Haha you don't even need to be a VP Growth... anyone dealing with marketing at a startup. Thanks Dan!
Excited to check these playbooks out, thanks Greg.
@colinbrauns Thanks Colin, I hope it's helpful
Greg this is PHENOMENAL! The site is beautiful and I'm excited to dig more into the content.
@grant Getting the stamp of PHENOMENAL by Grant George is a pretty big deal... not a word you throw around lightly. Thanks so much!
@mishelle_sassun if they update this playbook would be great to see Solomoto in it!
@mdorsett it would really be! :)