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When I first started getting into tech startup stuff a few years ago, this website was one of the first resources I came across during my extensive googling of legal terms I was unfamiliar with. Ryan is one of the few lawyers who is willing to give so much away for free so his clients are better educated and prepare. Full disclosure: I'm now very happy to call Ryan a personal friend and my company helped out with this latest version of the site.
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Ryan is one of the best lawyers of any stripe we've worked with hands down and oh by the way a real standup guy. He is a 1% lawyer. i.e. He is the one lawyer I've ever had that I was quite sure dramatically underbilled based on countless hours of advice and support. He has a great legal mind and lots of the material on his site is very useful. People say being a startup CEO is one of the toughest and loneliest of jobs. Ryan is a great guy who will make startup CEOs lives a little less so. His site is a fantastic place to get a primer on all the major startup issues and get a sense of how Ryan approaches issues that face most all startups. Full Disclosure: Legally Ryan is just my “Business friend” but one day I hope to earn an upgrade- An he didn’t ask to post this but I wanted to write it. That said, I hope he does not get too many clients so he will return my calls faster.
I've worked with Ryan Roberts and he's fantastic. He didn't even ask me to post this, I just happened to be browsing PH and saw this. :)
Trustworthy information and easy to find material.
I don't know if this is one of the target audiences you had in mind, but so many college students (myself being one of them) are very eager to start their own projects/companies which is of course a great thing, but most of the time really aren't very familiar with "legalese" at all. This is a great resource for us bright-eyed, bushy-tailed students for sure.