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Artem KubatkinMaker@kubatkin · Marketing
Hey hunters, We all have ideas. Weird ideas. Good ideas. Crazy ideas. But have you ever wondered if particular idea really worth it? We created Startup Idea Bot as a simple tool to test your ideas on people. - Write down your idea - See if others like it or not - Review ideas and help others Remember, even the best idea's worth nothing, execution is worth everything.
Lucas Grohn@ljgrohn · Program Manager | Re/Max NW
@kubatkin Community sourced idea platforms have been lacking, but I don't think this is the format. Make this a site not a bot. Plug it with community feedback loops (I loved one idea that popped up but had a slight tweak that I thought could really help) and the ability to help the OP create execution.
Matvey EzhovMaker@ematvey
@ljgrohn I think you are right! We've built this bot to test an idea: if such a thing existed, would people be willing to share their ideas? If they would, openly talking about ideas would be an amazing: it might help build stronger teams, foster cooperation and early mergers, improving entrepreneurial efficiency overall. So far results are great. I personally didn't expect this many ideas and this level of activity. Webapp is already in works.
Lucas Grohn@ljgrohn · Program Manager | Re/Max NW
@ematvey That's great man! I look forward to seeing the webapp!
Lesnye Yagody@lesnye_yagody
"execution is worth everything" - gold
Jevin Sew@jevinsew · Rails / iOS developer
Why do I feel like this is an insanely clever way for the creator to get a million dollar, crowdsourced idea? 😁
Matvey EzhovMaker@ematvey
@jevinsew Because it is! Kind of. We read all ideas, but we don't hide anything - all received ideas are immediately visible to all participants in a most-recent order. Also, there's a top. As naive as it sounds, someday we hope to hear stories of happy cofounding couples that got together through our bot.
Jevin Sew@jevinsew · Rails / iOS developer
@ematvey Well you got a step in the right direction!
Nick Vivion@worldli · Director of Content,
This is interesting! I'd definitely want to see those connections to others who like your idea. At the very least it could create an approachable, casual community to discuss ideas!
Michael StysinMaker@mike_ · Full-stack CFO
Hey guys! Thanks for trying out our bot. Soon we'll add options to connect with the authors of ideas you liked. We think this would be a nice way to find a co-founder, join a cool project or maybe even attract investments! P.S. Sincerest apologies for our spelling. It’s cold in Moscow.