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@natelegler - Ok I see what you are trying to do... kinda like Marketing Stack and Startup Stash with a rating system. IMO the map feature on this site does not need to be a main focus.... it can be hidden and users can click to see where its based if they want. It's not so much a factor with Startup tools. Seems the whole site only has 17 resources.... The exact same are shown in Blogs, Books and Analytics?? Assuming this is a mistake? Also, I'd be careful with reviews as tools that work well for one startup may be completely wrong for another. It's actually why I avoided it completely with Marketing Stack :)
@bentossell Hey thanks for the reply. The idea behind it is to allow startups that offer those resources to be able to add them themselves. I of course will be adding more as time goes on. With reviews it really is a crazy hit and miss when it comes to resources. I thought it would be nice to include the option when others dont have it (for their own good reasons)
@natelegler if you plan on getting other to submit their startups then how can you keep an eye on number of choices and the quality level? I guess that's where the rating comes into play but then similar issues to different tools suitable for different startups. I think its all well having a big rated database of these resources and tools but I think some curation should go into it on some level too :)
@bentossell Similar to ProductHunt not everything will make the cut. I will also be adding more as time goes on but wanted to give the first dose opportunity to others to submit their own, as I mentioned there are a ton of amazing sites out there already that were curated that others can go to. Startup Hand just has it own little different take on it.
@bentossell I have to agree with Ben on this one - The map feature doesn't seem too relevant to finding great startup tools/resources. I love the idea though and can't wait to see how it evolves over time :)
@_jacksmith Thanks for the hunt! I replied to some early and well deserved feedback but wanted to just give a better explanation about StartupHand. The idea was to create an offspring if Yelp and PH made something. It allows anyone to submit their resource (should say Add Resource). There are tons and tons of great resources on StartupStash and Marketing Stack, which are awesome and played an awesome blueprint for the idea. Reviews as mentioned are hard to decide on. But I think that the good reviews (ones that actually go into detail) are extremely useful. The whole site was built with Wordpress with some minor tweaks :) thrown in there. Again thanks for the feedback from @bentossell @ryanmccready1 and of course @_jacksmith Wow two curated resource lists on PH today!! Both with their own spice!
Looks familiair! With search ;)
@bramk love startup stash!! Big influence on the driving idea behind this.
I've always ended up bookmarking such handy sites, never really using them, as I end up searching from various sources on topics I want to read about on Google at the end of the day. Let's see if this time it's any different.
like Yelp, but geared towards startup tools.