The Startup Growth Roadmap brings together the brilliant work of startup masters in one easy to use framework

► Actionable steps from real startup experience.

► Effective tactics that have worked for 1000+ entrepreneurs.

► Curated references from top Lean Startup thinkers.

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Downloaded ! Thanks guys for this all-in-one resource. I'm actually operating as a Growth chief and I definitely recommend this tool for anyone looking to successfully launch and grow a startup.
Thank you all for supporting the Startup Growth Roadmap - a framework that brings together the different amazing frameworks of the Lean Startup movement and makes it easier for entrepreneurs to get from idea to product market fit. Happy to answer any questions you post here, and would love your feedback and comments.
Is there a way to get a higher resolution image of the startup growth roadmap? A lot of the smaller text isn't legible when displayed full size or larger.
@jaygiraud Hi Jay, sorry I missed your comment. If you press the Get It button you will be directed to a page to download a PDF version that is high resolution. Trust this is helpful