Startup Greeting Cards

Greeting cards to celebrate the best startup milestones πŸ’Œ

#2 Product of the DayDecember 01, 2019
CoFounder Weekly presents....Startup Greeting Cards! πŸŽ‰
We made these cards to help celebrate startup milestones.
Buy a 5-pack for yourself or gift them to your favorite founder. 🎁
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Hi Product Hunt! We thought it’d be fun to celebrate the ups and downs of startup life with...greeting cards! Give some appreciation to your cofounder, your early adopters, or even just a friend who has been trying to find product market fit for the last 3 years and and could use some lolz in their life. Use discount code β€œproducthunt” to get 20% off the pack. πŸ’Œ, Greg, Wisam, and Ueli
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I wish I had this 3 months ago!!! So perfect, I bought a few packs for friends down the road .......
Awesome cool product
SO excited to see these come to life after the guys brought the idea up a few months ago when we all hacked together at Betaworks Studios in NYC. Startup life is TOUGH and sometimes we need a way to remind our founder friends that we always have their plight on our minds. Some say it with cake (unless the founder in question is dairy/gluten/sugar free. It happens), but now you can say it with these fun, fresh and on-brand cards. ✨
@sararahmcb Awww thanks Sarah! Your input along the way was super helpful :D