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I think I hit the jackpot with this startup idea "Offer loans or insurance for Dating"
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@iamtekeste And How would that work? I insure my date for when I get friendzoned?
@iamtekeste I just got "subscription service" for dating hahaha
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@juliegoat Damn! that sounds closer to something else!
The best one: 'The startup offers Make it on demand for Weather'
@oleg_davydkin it's a killer app! How do you deal with conflicting demands for the same region, bidding?
Not so sure about this one, sounds risky... "The startup offers Offer loans or insurance for Deals & Coupons" Fun tool though! I like it.
Thanks everyone for the feedback!
What does discovery driven experience (push model) mean?
@mechasparrow Right, I understand discovery as in categorising content so they are discoverable by users. So push model refers to up/down voting mechanism? so you "push" certain content to top?