Startup Fundraising

A collection of tools & resources for startup fundraising



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Jack Kaufman — Entrepreneur
Thanks for hunting this, @bnjmnlbr! I'm the maker of Startup Fundraising. It has more than 200 resources that will help you learn how to raise funding for your startup. If you have any questions about this directory I'd be more than happy to answer them!
Benjo Libor 🍒 — Building products, writing stories
@kaufman_jack You're welcome, it's a cool resource. Observed that this one s not on PH yet while creating a collection of all the stashes/stacks in the digital space I could find. Feel free to tell me if I missed anyone:
Ofir Chakon — CTO @ ClickFrauds
Great collection. What about a category of utilities for creating funding resources like: one pager, deck, financial and business plan, etc.?
Jack Kaufman — Entrepreneur
@ofirchakon That's a great suggestion, Ofir! I'll work on adding those utilities in the next week.
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