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Wow! Looks great @matt_dibb. It's great to see such awesome projects using Chipmunk launched on PH! Goog luck.
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@piotrkulpinski thanks Piotr!
@piotrkulpinski I made this music blog using the Chipmunk theme https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Hey guys! Thanks for having us on product hunt. Startupfunding.io is a curated list of over 160 resources for any startup looking for funding. We have checked and verified every one of these and hope they help with your funding journey. Let me know if any questions! Ps a shout out to chipmunk theme that released the template a few weeks back for our site 😄
@matt_dibb Looks great Matt. Very comprehensive directory! I'm just about to launch a stack too (www.nocode.tech) what did you use to build the site out of interest?
@thisdickie we used a template launched on PH a few weeks ago and modified a fair chunk of it. It's called chipmunk. Check it out !
@thisdickie @matt_dibb The theme is still available here if you're interested: http://chipmunktheme.com/ 🤘
It's a curated list of resources to help you raise startup capital.
@erictwillis useful ..thanks
There is a curated list for everything :P Not that I am complaining :D
@vinbhai4u I wouldn't be surprised if tomorrow there is a curated list for curated lists 😉
@matt_dibb true 👍🏾 let's create one.
@matt_dibb great list...it's increasingly difficult for startups to raise money and get legal or accounting help. This will be useful.
@tyler_korff thanks Tyler - absolutely agree.