Startup First Users

How billion & million dollar companies got their first users

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Many billion and million-dollar companies did not start out with huge budgets, they often bootstrapped to get their first users. This page contains insights on how 30+ well-known companies got their first users.
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Hey Producthunt! @leonpals - thank you so much for hunting! Startup First Users is a collection of stories about billion & million-dollar companies, focused on how they got their very first users from scratch. Though they may have millions and billions in revenue today, most companies started out with a limited budget. I've been fascinated about the early stories of successful companies for a long time, reading books and blog, listening to podcasts, and reaching out to companies about how they got their first users. So, here it is. A collection of 30+ successful companies. I decided to launch this as part of my future free email course on early user growth at, as I believe the obstacles of not being able to find your first users can be fixed by understanding how other companies have done it. Thanks to everybody who has helped me out so far! If you have any questions, feel free to drop them down below.
@leonpals @fheijdenrijk We struggled with this early on as a B2B SaaS company, so we launched Paid Paid helps SaaS companies get their first 100 paid 💸users and compensates early adopters for their time. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions!
Great stuff Frank! Have just been reading through and honestly a great resource. People fall into the trap of copying big companies now. But that only makes sense if you also a big company. If you're just starting out you'll learn far more by copying the techniques these companies used to get started in the first place. Something I will keep coming back to for inspiration for sure.
I think this must be the product of the year!
Startup First User is an overview of how famous startups got their early adopters through the door and how they went from the startup to scale-up phase. It's filled with (in)famous launching strategies and companies that unlocked new engines of growth. A lot of these are from before there was such a term as 'growth hacking'. Enjoy and give Frank your thoughts, I know he worked hard on it.
@leonpals Thanks again for sharing - really appreciate it, and glad you liked the contents!
I've been waiting for a website like this. As an early startup founder I struggle with getting my first users in the door myself. This website definitely helps.
@jorisderuiter Pretty much every company struggles with user growth at the start. It's all about finding different ways to attract customers until you find something that sticks. That's what all these companies have done and it worked well for them.