Startup Ecosystem Ranking - 1,000 cities

Decide where to build your next startup using our rankings

Our global startup ecosystem map has tens of thousands of registered startups, coworking spaces and accelerators. We partnered with Crunchbase and Similarweb, and dozens of municipalities to build an algorithm ranking thousands of startup ecosystems.
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I am hoping what we have here can help entrepreneurs decide on their next location. It would be great to hear any feedback you might have.
I like the concept, but I am not the target audience. Some generic comments - some of the data quality needs to be improved though. In my area, I can only get to major city level resolution, but I think the distribution throughout the area would be important (maybe use exact addresses for the map and create region boundaries to group things together by city?). Also, some of the "industry" data is flat out incorrect.. looks like wherever that is sourced from is probably the issue. Would be nice to have some kind of way for these records to be curated via crowdsourcing.