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Looks nice and simple. Legal docs are a headache any way you slice em. I appreciate companies trying to simplify the process and charge a reasonable fee for it
@kristofertm Thanks, Kris! We're working hard to improve and simplify the process and will be adding more legal docs to our product line up soon.
This looks interesting. Anything that simplifies the process is great, but I would definitely want a few lawyer's opinions. Sometimes we see people try to go cheap and end up screwing themselves later because they didn't understand the implications of some choice. If there's an area where you're probably safe though, it's incorporation.
@pt Thanks, Parker! We couldn't agree more. We combined the best legal documents that we could find from some of the top Silicon Valley law firms, our legal team poured over all the details meticulously, and we test every product hundreds of times before taking it live. Still, we always encourage founders to set up relationships with experienced business lawyers for customized counseling and legal support.
Has anyone tried this ? Looks simple than legalzoom ! Also checkout http://www.producthunt.com/posts... posted earlier.
@kwdinc I was also going to recommend Clerky. The UX is a little funky but very efficient.
@rrhoover I've used clerky successfully too, though there were some things they missed, it did help a LOT.
@rrhoover @kwdinc Thanks, guys! Clerky is great too and worth checking out. Startup Documents' fees are lower (as of this post) and has a broader range of product offerings. Many of Clerky's documents have been in "private beta" for about 2 years. But they're still another great solution in this growing legal-tech field.
@pt @gregraiten this might be helpful!
The problem with Clerky is they dont support states other than Calif. for Delaware C Corps.. I love their UI though.. and the team is super responsive.