Startup Design Buffer

We'll design anything you need in 3 days for only $179

Thanks for posting @tosinaf. I found the process of finding and hiring a good designer a bit cumbersome. Is she available? How much will he charge? So I created Startup Design Buffet to kind of make this process a little easier. You know how much it'll cost and how long it'll take up front and we'll go back and forth with you until you are happy with the design. Thanks for checking us out, I'll love to hear your feedback!
i love the idea ! can i get Application designed ?
@ilyashassani Thanks llyas. Yes you can. $179 for the first screen and then $100 for additional screens. It'll help if you have a wireframe or sketch to go by.
@felixog_ is it UI only or you help with UX too? Interesting concept
Thank you @sivola. We don't do UX per se. We'll need your wireframes or a sketch to build from but if your brief is detailed enough, we'll most likely be able to work from that.