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#3 Product of the WeekAugust 21, 2019
Startup Decks is a website where you can view 100s of new and establish startup pitch decks or submit your own, completely free.
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Reminder: The design of your deck often has zero correlation to a startup's success (check out Coinbase's deck). One of the best performing companies in Weekend Fund's portfolio had one of the worst looking decks I've seen. Fortunately the business risk isn't related to its design abilities. 😊
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@rrhoover Couldn't agree more Ryan! LinkedIn's pitch deck design looks like its from the early 90s and things worked out really well for them. :)
@rrhoover Yeah it's mportant to focus on the content rather than the layout, and to do deeper research on anything that looks interesting.
@rrhoover I don't think Coinbase design is that bad. THe message of what they do comes across clearly and that's what matters 🤔
@rrhoover @andrewgazdecki LI's founder was a programmer, not a designer. The deck dates from around 2000. There were no slick apps to design your deck for you. Investors care less about superficial details like design and more about the information and business potential. Your comments are irrelevant.
@rrhoover @lksugarman Thanks for your comment here Lydia. I agree with you entirely - traction is far more important than design. I was simply pointing out how LinkedIn is a great example of this given their success.
Hey Hunters, excited to share Startup Decks! View 100s of startup pitch decks or submit your own. I created this as another weekend project for fun and launching as a free service. I know there's been similar sites submitted in the past but I hope to gather more bootstrapped startup pitch decks to help them gain exposure. I also want to help makers discover and support cool new startups! Feedback welcomed! Thanks everyone!
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@andrewgazdecki Awesome!! I definitely fit the bootstrapped startup description. Hoping to get something up in Sept.
@serena_ann Right on Serena! Feel free to post your startup deck at any time! Looking forward to seeing you launch something amazing!
@andrewgazdecki I have been trying to come up with BP and Pitch deck for my startup ( When I search google, Mostly I get pitch deck templates only. Thank you so much for sharing. Do you have any resources related to media / news company.
‘Show more’ button doesn’t work. Also it’d be helpful if we could search by business types such as ecommerce, SaaS, etc.
@faisal_hassanx Thanks Faisal! That's definitely something I hope to add. Sorting by funding amount would also be really great too. Appreciate the feedback!
Product idea is just brilliant. I bet some filters by business types, country, year of fouding and etc. will be really useful
@igor_grabucha Thanks for the feedback Igor! With another weekend of work I can definitely add those search filters. I really want to add a special section for bootstrapped startups or ones that are interested in having investor conversations. For example, you could upload your startup pitch deck and maybe highlight it as "Fundraising" to gain additional exposure. Just some ideas. :)
@igor_grabucha couldn't agree more, brilliant! @andrewgazdecki let me know if you need help with the search+filters; happy to provide you with a free Algolia plan to tackle this quickly.
@igor_grabucha @sylvainutard Thanks Sylvain! That would be awesome! Really appreciate your help and feedback.
Awesome resource. Where is your deck?
@taylor_shearer1 Haha I never thought to make one, but I guess I could make a startup deck for Startup Decks! It'd likely only be 1-2 slides though. :)
@andrewgazdecki I checked out your personal website and think you are being coy, you've obviously got a vision, a great start to a product, and proven experience to execute on a couple of additional slides. I look forward to seeing where this grows.
@taylor_shearer1 Thanks so much for the kind words Taylor, I really appreciate it!