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by Ben Tossell (miniOS)



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Leon PalsMaker@leonpals · Chairman Startup Foundation
Thanks for hunting us Bram! Startup Foundation is all about sharing experience and insights amongst founders. To us, Startup Deals is a tool for everyone in the community to share which tools work, and where you can find the best deals on those solutions. For the founders in our community, Startup Deals is a great place to find out which tools are recommended by other founders, and to get a good deal 🤓 But they can also contribute to the platform and share their experience and recommendations. For the startups and companies providing deals, it’s simply a great way to pay it forward to other founders, who in return often become loyal customers. Startup Deals is actually built upon FoundersKit made by Fred, Mike, and Dylan who deserve all of the credit together with Ralph, who implemented the community features. It literally would not exist without them. We’re also aware it’s not a thing of true beauty yet, but let’s see if our assumptions are correct before we start polishing, right?