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Damn @leonpals is on a roll with his global #Startup community! Startup Foundation 'Curated' is a weekly publication filled with great content for, and from the #startup (Slack) community. Join 3700+ subscribers and get the most interesting articles, lessons learned, tools and more. Curated by founders, for founders and delivered every weekend in one minimal email.
@bramk it's all instigated by the amazing community I'm just a part of, I simply execute like a monkey doing his dance whenever there are clear orders ;-) + I had help from @sujanpatel, @elef_karyoti & @jeffbajayo and the admins of #startup, team effort for the win.
@leonpals Just joined #startup. Happy to help with curation if needed (it''s sort of my thing) :) Cheers!
@anujadhiya Hey that sounds great, please share your nuggets with me in a DM on #startup. If they are (very) good, I'll make sure you get on board ;-)
@leonpals Love it so far. Keep up the great work.
I'm a big fan of weekly email updates that are to the point. There's so much great content flying about on #startup and this weekly email means I can dip in & out of the community on Slack when time permits and still be in the loop with the top content. Count me in.
On a side note, I'd like to thank @daveverwer for creating the curated.co tool, and his (customer) support, it is out of this world.
@leonpals Thanks Leon! It's our pleasure!
@daveverwer @leonpals What's your favorite element of Curated?
@daveverwer @dshan the simple use of a bookmarklet, and how that works with a team. We all have a bookmarklet and hit it when we see something interesting. At the end of the week we simply discuss what must go in the email. + once you've set it up, it's real easy to actually send out an edition.
@daveverwer @dshan @leonpals Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't heard about curated.co but it seems awesome.
@dshan @leonpals Did you check out @goodbitsio? We just launched our Slack integration today, on top of our existing integrations and bookmarklet - http://blog.goodbits.io/2015/01/...
@everette: Sujan was actually first our first sponsor, and then he became a curator :) But I totally get what you're saying. However, we also want this to be awesome and to grow, so we will need to make sure that the quality is better than you would expect.
@leonpals Fully confident that you guys will =)
@rrhoover Please develop "curators of curation newsletters"