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Thomas K. Running
Thomas K. RunningHunter@tkrunning · Nomad Gate, ex-Teleport
Mike Fishbein's venture. Got courses on everything from custdev to landing page development. Looks like a good resource for people starting out, or trying to improve the way they approach running a startup.
Mike Fishbein
Mike Fishbein@mfishbein ·
Thanks Thomas! Happy to answer any questions anyone has here in the comments. For some background: the courses on Startup College developed out of "scratching my own itch" as well as extensive customer development to determine what challenges people were facing, questions they had and what they wanted to learn.
Dana Severson
Dana Severson@danerobert
Kudos, Mike. Really enjoyed the first course.
Mike Fishbein
Mike Fishbein@mfishbein ·
Great to hear Dana! Let me know if you have questions or anything.