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Oh, man I love how Slack is turning into the IRC of the 21st century. #Startup wants to bridge the gap between founders across the globe, and build a support network at the same time. Join this global startup community and engage with select founders from across the globe. #Startup facilitates discussions, Q&A’s, AMA’s, feedback and braintrusts. #Startup is hosted on Slack, which enables cross platform communication in an elegant way. You can apply on the site to join the #Startup community, optionally you can give a contribution to accelerate the procedure. Love this initiative by @leonpals, @jcvangent & Co!
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@leonpals @bramk seconded. There's been non-stop activity since the day SlackChats was posted on PH and I joined #Startup
Thanks @bramk for submitting! It's been an inspiring ride the last week with so many talent joining in and submitting their thoughts and experiences to everyone on the slack group! If anyone got any questions around it, please give me a shout!
@bramk @jcvangent Is this just one channel on Slack? What happens if there are a lot of people?
@dh9kim there's a few channels in there to help keep things somewhat organised, including an 'off topic' for all the riff raff
"accelerate the procedure". Looking at this as a product, I'm totally confused by the idea that you "apply" for membership, and you can "fast track" by donating $10. Why not just charge $10 for everyone, period? Or don't charge anything. Or charge it monthly if you want to make it self sustaining. but $10? I found the whole concept so distracting I decided not to sign up.
@surfy we've experimented with it (and still are). To make sure the peers in the community are committed, we have to screen them some way. We could just ask for an email address and google everyone which would take ages with the hundreds of applications we get, but it also wouldn't show us how committed someone is to contribute. The way it is right now is that it is a little cumbersome to apply, but that drives down the amount of applications (which we check manually). If you're sure you want in though, you can skip that by donating 10,- which we can use to invest in the community someway (time, bloggers, meetups or building new initiatives). Personally I found it a smart way to validate if some people would pay for this (they do) without excluding everyone that doesn't have a credit card. Also, please keep in mind that this is not much more than a very well working MVP. - FYI: about 10% of the unique visitors on hashtagstartup.co actually send in an application, and about 1% of the total amount of unique visitors pays a contribution.
@leonpals I got you. Thanks for the reply. :)
I joined a Slack channel that was posted to PH a few months ago. So many people abused @channel and @everyone, even in #general, that it got majorly distracting. Slack needs to build in the ability to leave or mute the general channel notifications.
Is it now required to pay $24 to sign up? That's a big change from the comments where it says $10 or Free. "Get direct access with a one time donation of €20 which is about 24,- USD"
it should be free.