Startup Challenge

A learning game for Startup Class by Sam Altman

mylee blodgett
  • mylee blodgett
    mylee blodgetti am 21. i work at champs

    fun but some time hard and you can make your on.


    but gets boring

    it has challenges ,quizzes ,game and more fun. It is very fun when played with a group.

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This is cool! I've watched the first 2 episodes of the Startup Class and think it's awesome. Test your startup knowledge (from the class) with this little game, I scored 16.

that's all you got?


^^ this guy
Hey, I am one of the creators of Startup Challenge. Thing we have learned: — For each insight from the class, on average 75% people get it right, 25% get it wrong. — The questions you get wrong are the most valuable. You don’t need a class, if your intuition can replace it. — People hate making mistakes. It’s a big UX challenge to make mistakes natural and non-hurting. — It’s fun to invite few specific people to compare scores. Hope, more educational apps will support competitive learning.
The product mindset is the one essential link, that startups are missing. Startup requires a conscious approach to formulate Strategy with key factors i.e. Business, technology, and UI/UX to carve a product from the solution. To know more >>