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I just launched a Google Chrome extension for startupbutton.com! The hardest part of building a startup is promotion and getting your early users online. I struggled to find a good source of users from previous projects, so decided to build startupbutton.com. You can read more about Startup Button and check out the original website hunt on Product Hunt at https://www.producthunt.com/post.... After launching less than 24 hours ago, the homepage button has amassed over 110,000 clicks and over 600 submissions. I love this community 🙌 I've never built an extension before, but hope I've created a fun and alternate way for users to use the Startup Button service. I'll be online all day to answer any questions or respond to feedback.
@ryanheybourn This is a better way to get people! I wasn't interested in the bookmark but an ext maybe!
@mrahmadawais awesome to hear. Thanks Ahmad!
Hey, it's a great idea to make it as an extension, last week, when I tried the button website I thought that extension would be better so we don't have to come back to the previous page all the time! So Good job ! Only problem is that I think that you didn't put the right url on "Get It" .. I have a 404 Error when I hit on it. All the best TECH IT EASY
@benchamla thanks for the feedback! @bentossell if you could please remove the startupbutton.com/chrome url and replace it with just the Chrome Extension one, that would be fab!
@bentossell that was fast :) ! @ryanheybourn Startup Button I'll share your product on my CartelTech facebook page as product of the day !
@benchamla @bentossell I haven't left the office all day 😬 Sounds great! Feel free to tweet me a link when it's live.
Great work yet again Ryan. I discovered Startup Button yesterday and spent most of the afternoon clicking that button and finding new startups :D Really addictive! Good work on making a chrome extension, it compliments it nicely.
@steerj92 thank you John!
This is a fun product to play around with! Soon (hopefully) when my startup is ready I am going to submit it as well ;)
@sarabcole thanks Sara! I look forward to it - feel free to send me a tweet when you do!