Startup Blueprint

7 Skills for founders, builders & leaders

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Hi all, I have written and just independently published Startup Blueprint in print and ebook formats. The subtitle of this book is "7 Skills For Founders, Builders & Leaders" and it aims to help you discover the secret strategies entrepreneurs use to fuel the can-do economy – and how you can deploy them in your business. Find out more at Why have I written this? Well, I am not an entrepreneur. I am not a coder (though I learned HTML in 1995 and have often found myself way too knee-deep in PHP). My platforms are journalism, marketing and communication. I have written over many years about technology and media companies, and have interviewed countless founders and executives. I am fascinated by the positive spirit of people who go out there, build and scale. Frankly, I am not sure that I am built of the same stuff. Can anyone become a founder? And how can anyone learn how to kickstart a great business when everything is moving so fast, and when founders are busy competing, rather than lending a hand? So I wrote Startup Blueprint - a little bit for me but a lot for those thinking of joining the ranks of the new startup creators, those already working away at building the next big business, and those simply fascinated by how the new breed of entrepreneur carefully nurtures a business in the 21st century. In it, I attempt to share key - and sometimes unconventional - traits that may be desirable by the modern entrepreneur or manager, uncovered through the inspirational stories of seven founders like you, who have been there and done it or who are still facing the startup challenge. Beside their stories, the book contains seven "blueprints" - actionable takeaways from each chapter, from one founder to another. In time, I will explore creating a followable video course from the same material. I hope you like it. Thanks.