Startup Bell

Chrome extension rings the bell when you have a new visitor

#4 Product of the DayNovember 10, 2017

Receive a *DING* every time someone visits your site. Ideal for boosting the mood if you are a young startup that has just launched it's website.

- rings the bell every time you have a new website visitor;

- shows the number of real-time active users next to the icon.

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Ha! Clever idea, but for many it's going to be insanely noisy. Idea: could you add a setting to only ding every X visitors, @ivbran? For example, if a site gets 5k visitors on a typical day, perhaps it dings for every 1,000th visit?
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@rrhoover Hey Ryan, thanks for stopping by! :) This certainly sounds like a great idea for future development. My idea was to be lean from the very beginning, starting with a small target group - early stage websites. That's why there are no settings in this version. :)
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@ivbran @rrhoover How about sales? ding every sales. it would be useful in Saas too.
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@rrhoover @heinzawhtet This is in the roadmap, yes. In fact, the idea of Startup Bell came from this well-established practice in some of the sales teams, where they ring the bell whenever somebody from the team closes the deal. :)
@ivbran @rrhoover @heinzawhtet Yeah! I second that too. Cha Ching! On every sale, that would be great.
Love this. But will need a sound other than the doorbell so that my dog doesn’t go insane all day long.
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@kristofertm I have a cat so this never crossed my mind :D
LOVE this. So creative. Maybe allow us to use/choose our own sounds?
This is a super cute idea. Good job :)
@ky1e_s thanks, glad you like it :)
@ivbran it reminds me of the quaint old country grocery stores where a bell would ring the moment you walk in the door (actually, that would be a nice sound to add! it's less of a doorbell sound, and more of a happy chime) I'll definitely be using this with my next product launch. Should help with motivation 💪
@ivbran I'm thinking something like this:

Ding dong - time to celebrate. Great little extension :)


Works great


As others have suggested: different events would be great for v2 :)