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Hey everyone, I'm Oli, the new editor of StartUp Beat. We're looking forward to reporting on all the news and views regarding startups from across the world. We think it's important to look beyond the confines of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area (though obviously those startups will be important news stories too!). Anyone checking us out with an interesting startup story, please contact - we'd love to hear from all of you.
@oliggriffin @startupbeat Congrats on the rebranding Oli & co., it looks great!
What does "publication for the 99%" mean? This sector is so tough. There are already great established brands covering startup news, TechCrunch, VentureBeat (I could go on of course). What makes startup beat special and how will it compete in this space? We have such a knowledge overload there are so many places to get info in this day and age. Also, hope you don't take this to heart, but I feel the site doesn't look as fresh/clean/up to date as others. I understand it's on Wordpress but maybe skinning it differently would help make it pop!
@bentossell Hey Ben, thanks for asking. StartUp Beat is different because we want to take a Humans Of New York approach to startups. We’re big fans of the likes of VentureBeat, TechCrunch and The Next Web but for us their attention has shifted to general tech news (example: covering larger companies such as Apple, Google, etc.). While they are free to do this, it now seems like a lot of smaller yet equally deserving businesses are going ignored. Many publications are simply not taking a global approach to startup news anymore, which is a shame. Sure, cities and hub centres may get profiled, but the reality is they are treated like distant entities, separate from a global startup scene which is all too often focused on the west. Thank you for your comments. We're going to be addressing this and making improvements. There is an information load, you’re right. I think what is most important, is that we've felt historically there was a lot of interesting news with smaller startups that was overlooked. And our goal is to bring them to light. Very best, Oli
@oliggriffin Ok cool. I like the whole 'covering the smaller, deserving businesses' and the global aspect. BUT, combining smaller startups and having the range be a global one - there is going to be SO SO SO much to cover. How do you plan on doing so? PH is an example of just how many products/companies launch everyday from all around the world. Covering them all will be one hell of a job
@bentossell So, what I'm thinking is using a journalistic device, known in the UK as Vox Pops, - voice of the people - to get to as many startups as possible. So, instead of asking the business and tech royalty for their opinions on breaking news, I'd rather reach out to startups for their hot take. I would not profess to be able to cover every company launch as and when they happen. What I can say is that we will cover startup news first and foremost, and use the opinions of new founders, CEOs and entrepreneurs where we want to use supporting comments. Thanks, please follow up with more questions if you have them! Oli
I like the concept but I wonder if you can really create a publication that covers startups everywhere outside of Silicon Valley and still cover enough stories in the specific locations to get people interested. For the bigger stories, the existing tech media sites already cover things internationally/outside Silicon Valley. I follow a bunch of location specific newsletters (, the nordic web, etc.) because I'm interested there and want to keep up with what's going on there.
@alikafridi Hey Ali, you raise a good point. We want to cover innovative launches no matter where they are in the world. For us, an exciting launch will trump any news from established players. We want to help startups spread their own message. For me, personally, the international picture has always been the most interesting angle of any topic so hunting these news stories will be a hobby as much as it is a vocation. Additionally, we want to publish stories that startups can take advantage of. For example, in the past week we have covered a number of new incubator launches, hoping to alert smaller startups to the opportunities available to them. These opportunities can and will transcend international borders, and so will the attention that follows them. Thanks for asking and please follow up if you would like more clarification. Very best, Oli
This is interesting. Ben beat me to one of my central questions (again!). In a market with so much stiff competition, how do you feel you can differentiate yourself? I'm not sure that it can't be done, but I think that there needs to be something covered or featured in your publication that goes beyond the traditional tech reporting and interviews. What that might be I don't know yet, but then again there are always unique angles to cover in journalism. What is different in your vision than you see in the other competing publications?
@adammarx13 Hey Adam, thanks for writing. One of the key ways we want to differentiate ourselves is to maintain our lightning pitches section. It won't matter how big we get, the startups we cover there will be small, new and arguably in greater need of media attention. As well as covering the traditional bases of media publications, we hope to foster a community for startups, their founders, and those who like to follow the early beginnings of startups. It's not that we plan to wilfully ignore the important stories of large businesses, we just want to make sure startups get their voices heard, first. In a previous life writing about accountancy, I was covering a lot of smaller practices which in turn generated more attention from similar sized businesses. I would hope to see startups supporting each other by being engaged with the news and updates from early stage businesses in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is something I hope to drive with our coverage. Very best, Oli
Congrats on the launch! The site looks nice but above all, it's good to see a new site featuring entrepreneurs and innovators from around the globe. Keep it up!