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I'm excited to release my latest side project, Startup Adoption Agency. We live in a Product Hunt world where makers create side projects at an insane pace and that is an awesome thing. I am releasing Startup Adoption Agency to give these side projects a new life. A large percentage of side projects will eventually need a new entrepreneur to push them forward. If you have a side project or a hackathon project that you no longer have energy to build, please give it to another entrepreneur. We're ready to help! Here is an article on the project. Excited to hear what you think :) https://medium.com/@jmj/what-hap...
@jmj love the idea. People come to me all the time to lead their projects for them. Unfortunately, I tend to only take on one and push it to its fullest potential. I think this is a great idea because as you said there are so many great apps that never see the light of day and connecting those apps with the right people is so important.
@jeshalom Thanks for the note Jack! I'm glad you love the idea. We all have side projects and I'm hoping this helps them actually come to life. Appreciate it!
@jmj this is so awesome :) congrats on launching, jeff!
@tzhongg Thanks Tiffany! Very appreciated.
@jmj this is such a great idea Morris. Love it
I can really see this becoming a useful website for up and coming founders to jumpstart their careers by taking something to the next level. I have a couple fully fleshed out apps with good business models that have a taken a backseat to my startup. (Once you raise funding for something you pretty much put everything on hold.) I've purchased a product off of http://SideProjectors.com which is similar to this, but I'm glad this has a free component. I'm not interested in getting a few thousand bucks for a backseat project of mine, I'd rather see it be successful.
@jesserank Thanks Jesse! That's a really cool attitude. I'd rather see my side projects happen than make a small amount of money too. You can list an adoption fee on our site but that's definitely not the main purpose.
@jesserank also, would you be willing to list your side projects on the site? :)
This is a great idea and I look forward to seeing it grow! I have used Flippa a few times as a seller. Do you see this becoming more of an auction or listing site similar to Flippa?
@dylanfeltus Thanks Dylan! We see this being less of an "auction site" and more of a curated place to find amazing startups that need new entrepreneurs. Flippa is watered down and lacks a community element. We want to change that!
Great concept @jmj , i think that you should push free adoptions that will be a game changer, the possibilities are endless. It's like open sourcing startups.
@gilto1024 Thanks Gil! We are pushing free adoptions to start the project. The adoption fees are meant to be small amounts that cover initial costs like the domain and to reward the founders for their initial hard work. Appreciate it!
An excellent concept as I see it as an extension of 'idea markets'. We saw platforms for sharing ideas, and now this is 'seeded idea market' where a relatively mature idea is ready for a handover. I see it growing well as many founders would execute their ideas at an accelerated pace sensing an opportunity for adoption!
@vingar Thanks for the vote of confidence, Vinish. I really appreciate that. You are thinking exactly what we are on the product - cool to see! :)
@jmj Thanks Jeff. Just noticed that 'Requests for Startups' is also yours. I am loving that series of weekly posts since day 1! Great work.