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Leon Pals
@leonpals · Chairman Startup Foundation
@dh9kim There are currently 9 channels, where #startup is the main one. We also have #humblebrags and #showmethemoney for example
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Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
@bramk · Creator of @startupstash
Oh, man I love how Slack is turning into the IRC of the 21st century. #Startup wants to bridge the gap between founders across the globe, and build a support network at the same time. Join this global startup community and engage with select founders from across the globe. #Startup facilitates discussions, Q&A’s, AMA’s, feedback and braintrusts. #Startup… See more
Mark Surfas
@surfy · Chief Product Instigator
"accelerate the procedure". Looking at this as a product, I'm totally confused by the idea that you "apply" for membership, and you can "fast track" by donating $10. Why not just charge $10 for everyone, period? Or don't charge anything. Or charge it monthly if you want to make it self sustaining. but $10? I found the whole concept so distracting I de… See more
Frank Fumarola
@ffumarola · Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
I joined a Slack channel that was posted to PH a few months ago. So many people abused @channel and @everyone, even in #general, that it got majorly distracting. Slack needs to build in the ability to leave or mute the general channel notifications.
@renthackr · Hackr of the rents
Is it now required to pay $24 to sign up? That's a big change from the comments where it says $10 or Free. "Get direct access with a one time donation of €20 which is about 24,- USD"
Dmitry Semiriazhko
@userdmitry · co-founer, Pinxter inc.
it should be free.