StartUp - 19: Diversity Report

Tackling diversity and making Gimlet less white

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I love how brutally honest @abexlumberg is in this episode. This is my favorite thing about this show. And it works so well in audio -- you can really tell how sincere he is, and it's not just lip service like everything else you here in the tech industry & beyond
@akiito7 completely agree. I applaud Alex for publishing an episode on diversity, because it's such a sensitive topic. I know many white males are especially nervous to participate in the conversation, afraid to accidentally offend someone. I've seen white men criticized in public when speaking on the subject, even though their intentions are authentic and pro diversity. My favorite part of the show is the discussion about "targeting vs. tokenism" toward the beginning. Would love to see that Medium article, @abexlumberg. 😊
@rrhoover @akiito7 Takes courage to have these kinds of conversation. On both sides. I identify with what you mentioned Ryan. I have a fear, even if my intentions feel authentic and inspired, I know I have ignorance-gaps, and don't want to accidentally offend or be criticized.
Episode description: "If you were to walk into Gimlet HQ, there are a few things you’d probably notice right off the bat. First, it’s crowded - like a grungy dorm room. Second, the lighting… it’s not great. Not many windows. Third, it’s white. Really white. 24 of Gimlet’s 27 employees are white. In this episode, we look at diversity (or lack thereof) at Gimlet. And we try to figure out what diversity should mean for the company going forward. The Facts: Our theme song was written and performed by Mark Phillips. John Kimbrough composed music for this episode. More music written and performed by John Delore along with his band mates, Jordan Scanella, Sam Merrick and Isamu McGregor. Our Sponsors: PC Does What?!"
A truthful and very honest conversation about corporate diversity. A must listen to for every leader.