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MatthewBusiness Podcaster and Consultant
I absolutely love Gimlet Media. The Podcast is entertaining and encouraging at the same time. It's nice to have a place to go to hear other entrepreneurs struggles and successes. It helps keeps me motivated at my start up Easy Steak.
Great to see StartUp on here! I listen to all their episodes, awesome stuff
Matt Williamson
Bringing order to chaos.
"Gimlet is starting a new line of business, and it’s a complicated one: Branded content. Branded content is a piece of media (a video, a story, a podcast, etc.) paid for by a company that then has editorial control over the product. Lots of companies have been asking Gimlet to make podcasts for them. But, as we see in this episode, there are some very real anxieties about how to do this right. As part of this episode, we’ve put together Gimlet Media’s Advertising Guidelines." (https://gimletmedia.com/2015/11/...)
Nobel ChangCo-founder & CEO of Easy Streak
I listen to StartUp and Reply all religiously. I remember listening to Startup when my co-founder and I started our company, Easy Streak. The most memorable moment for me is when Alex Bloomberg told his wife about a name for the podcast (trying not to disclose any spoilers for people) and she laughed hysterically. Choosing a name for a company is incredibly difficult! Keep up the great work! Gimlet Media has a fan for life!
Matt Horton
Product Manager @ Storyblocks
Man. This one made me feel really weird. I'm really hoping that Gimlet doesn't decide to start putting branded content in feeds for StartUp, Reply All, Mystery Show, etc. I actually wouldn't mind a Gimlet-branded show partnered with Zillow or whatever. I've heard good things about The Message. That said, I would much rather the plan they went into the Zillow meeting with be the plan they move forward with.
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