Hello Product Hunt.

I have to admit that I created this startup framework for me. There are of course fantastic guides, articles, books, by giants, but there wasn’t a single unified framework that covered the whole shebang.

This is the MVP version, made in Excel. I am now releasing a small part of it to gauge the response.

Cheers, Ace.

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If you’ve been around the startup scene for longer than a few days you’ve probably seen a few framework.

They tell you things like “go talk to customers” “do things that don’t scale” “get on social media.” If you’re like me then that probably leaves a sour taste in your mouth because it’s not helpful.

Yea, this isnt that.

I wouldn’t call it a step by step framework because startups are too unpredictable for that.

id just refer to it as the single most helpful thing I’ve ever user to validate ideas, find the right target audience, narrow features, build what people actually want, and distribute through the right channels.


It’s an incredibly comprehensive look at the most important steps needed to give your startup a fighting chance.


It may be too detailed/comprehensive for the lazy people out there.