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Nice! Sweet use of the Chipmunk theme too :) @holly_stephens one for you
Thanks @bentossell. It's an amazing theme <3 @piotrkulpinski @janwennesland
@kiahhickson you should meet @holly_stephens btw - shes a very good friend from Uni, worked at Google. Now in Sydney. :)
@kiahhickson @bentossell This is great! Thanks for the shoutout 🙌
Hey @holly_stephens would be great to catch up! I'll msg you :D
Australia is well behind when it comes to supporting startups. Much needed.
Hey! I’m Kiah from StartFizz - StartFizz has been live since October 2016 but I just gave this project a complete makeover so I’m proud to show this off to the world now. I’ve seen a few curated directories and by now you’re probably all in directory inception. However, I made this to assist with Australian startups by adding categories that reflect Australian only access or assistance. StartFizz was created after my first startup was unsuccessful. As a first time entrepreneur I had collated A LOT of resources and tools to help me figure shit out and was inspired by the likes of @StartupStash and @FreeStack at the time. I wanted to share those resources and tools with everyone and take it one step further by incorporating Founder Spotlights (interviews) and giving away free t-shirts - because who doesn’t love free stuff. I’d love to know what you think, the good and the bad. Thanks, Kiah
@kiahhickson awesome work Australia needs more makers like you!
@harrisonmalone_ thanks Harrison 😀
Great work - a super useful tool for the Aussie startup community.
@alantsen thanks Alan, appreciate it! ✌🏽
Seems like a good learn-to-startup directory, except the way it's presented. Instead of showing free or giving advice on how to get the most out of those resources, the app it's only pointing out some websites. Not that useful for someone new in the area. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but that's my opinion.
Hey @georgenikolic - it's not harsh at all and I do agree with you. I'm currently working on some content that showcases each category and how best to use the resources. I'll be starting off with the market research category and working my way through. Thanks for the feedback, it validates what I'm currently working towards! ✌🏽
@kiahhickson Nice to hear that. Also, you can take a look for inspiration at Siftery, Makerbook and MarketingStack. These are all PH listed startups showcasing different tools in their own way. Good luck with the progress!
@georgenikolic awesome, thanks for the heads up re: those resources. I will check them out and draw some inspo.